Is the same class as

Does anyone know if the  if the same class and/or provides the same functionality as  

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HLRosenbergerAuthor Commented:
No reason at all.  I was wondering if they are the same.  If I do CTRL-SHIFT-I in NetBeans to correct missing imports, if gives me a choice to select either one.   So, I was just wondering why there are two HttpURLConnection classes and if they are the same.
The one extend the standard one. Both of them are from a long time ago. See for some history.

Keep in mind that all the sun packages are not official, public, supported ones. So they can change at any time... Not ot mention that they might not be working across platforms sometimes.

See the last posts here: for example for a bigger explanation

NetBeans will show anything from the jars that you have in the classpath. The sun package is there because this is the Sun implementation of things. But I would not use it unless if I have no choice :)

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HLRosenbergerAuthor Commented:
Thanks.  I was not planning on using it.  I'm relatively new to Java, and was just curious why the two classes wiht the same name.
In general any sun.* class is only used internally by the Java VM and is not intended to be used by a normal Java application. Sun does specifically not guarantee that the APIs for these classes will stay in-tact between versions. So the classes are the ones that you usually use and they might internally use the ones from sun.www....,

HTH... Dominik
Author Comments:
Thanks. I was not planning on using it. I'm relatively new to Java, and was just curious why the two classes wiht the same name.
===grading comment is not visible for anyone besides me and you at the moment so just posting it)

Welcome in Java - it is interesting over here most of the time:) Basically you will see a lot of same named classes in different packages- that's one of the reasons why I always say that people should always import classes and not full packages - same named classes popup in strange places. And then the sun. package is a usual catch for a lot of new programmers - while sometimes you cannot avoid it, in general you should be able to. And when I cannot I usually write my own implementation in most cases. :)

Anyway - good luck with your Java.
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