SSIS service not getting stsrted

I have installed integration services on 64 bit machine with sql 2005 64 bit sp2

even installed bi studio

the Sql sevrer integration services service not started and when tried to start it manually throws an error

service did not respond in timely fashion
looked at event log tells error 7000

any one have idea pls help
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Megan BrooksConnect With a Mentor SQL Server ConsultantCommented:
The packages themselves are XML files. I wouldn't expect the platform to matter unless the package attempts to run something that is platform-dependent. I run everyting on x64 now and the only incompatibility that I have encountered so far is that the Excel Source component won't run on x64 because there is no version of the component for it. I haven't had to make any SSIS-related settings changes to run on x64.
If I read your original question correctly, the SSIS service is not even starting, so the settings to look at are those for SSIS startup. With that in mind, what account is the SQL Server Integration Services service configured to start as? Is it "Network Service?" If not, was the alternate account specified during the install or was it changed using SQL Server Configuration Manager?
Megan BrooksSQL Server ConsultantCommented:
Event ID 7000 might indicate that the logon information for the service account is invalid. See if this article seems to apply to the problem:
Reza RadCommented:
check if the user which ssis runned under that account has administrative rights on that machine?
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Megan BrooksSQL Server ConsultantCommented:
Hopefully not, if you are talking about the service account. I don't think it needs or should have admin rights. I run it as the default "Network Service."

If you mean the user running the SSIS package, not the SSIS service itself, the yes, the user would need admin rights if specific rights had not been granted in MSDB. But the error here seems to be that the service itself is not starting.

If the SSIS service (called "SQL Server Integration Services xx.x") is not running as "Network Service" then you could switch it to that user and see if that fixes the problem. Once you have it working, you could try switching to another user if you really need to.

Always make SQL Server service account changes using SQL Server Configuration Manager.
dba2dbaAuthor Commented:
I find the packages run successfully on 32 bit ssis but throw error on 64 bit

what settings need to be configured for 32 bit packages to be run on 64 bit machine

pls help
dba2dbaAuthor Commented:
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