Moving Contacts from Outlook Express to Outlook with Tree Structure

Hello all:
   I need to migrate all the contacts from Outlook Express 6 on a Windows XP laptop to Outlook 2003 on a Windows7 laptop.  The address book in Outlook Express has several subfolder and address cards each with their own set of contacts.  When I export, then import into Outlook, the tree structure is lost and all I get is the list of contacts at the root of the address book.  How can I move the whole structure into Outlook?  Thanks.
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Pete LongConnect With a Mentor Technical ConsultantCommented:
Easiest way
Install Outlook 2003 on the XP Laptop - at first run it will say do you want to import all your mail/contacts etc from Outlook express - select YES
Then select File > Import/Export > Export to a file > select .pst  >Save it on your desktop with no encryption

Install Outllok 2003 on the new windows 7 machine > copy the .pst file to the new machine
Then In Outlook, click File > Import/Export > Import form a file  >Browse to the one you copied > Select import to same folder in your mail box

job done
cherubimwingsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Windows XP files transfer wizard does not work for Windows 7 migration; follow the link to Microsoft for the free tool to do a proper transfer of your Outlook.pst files and documents. I used to do it manually, but found it time consuming and incomplete. I hope this works for you.
jhuntiiAuthor Commented:
Thanks.  Actually, I did just as PeteLong suggested, but it did not bring over tree structure from the Address Book in Outlook Express.  It only brought over the addresses at the root.  Should it have brought the tree structure?  I guess it would be worth doing again or at least verifying that the tree structure exists in Outlook on the first laptop before exporting the .PST.

Since I already have all the files transferred over, I'd rather not the transfer files wizard on the new machine.  
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Pete LongTechnical ConsultantCommented:
If the source Outlook machine has the tree structure simply tick the box in the export dialog that says include subfolders :)
jhuntiiAuthor Commented:
Yeah, that's the problem.  The auto-import into Outlook only pulled the addresses from the main folder (root of the tree).  I guess I could export each folder, create the new folder in Outlook, then import into that folder but that will be a lot of work and I thought there would be an easier way...  Any other thoughts?
jhuntiiAuthor Commented:
Thanks again.
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