Text Coding program with TAG MATCHING ( <div> </div> ) like notepad++ for Ubuntu?

I'm amazed that I haven't been able to find a good text editor with tag matching on Ubuntu..

TAG MATCHING basically means that when you type between the beginning <div> and the ending </div> they are both highlighted.. This is really useful because Notepad++ would make them orange and it would work really well , especially for those tricky instances where you have a div inside a div inside a div.. you get my drift..

I know you can run Notepad++ with WINE but I would prefer to have something designed for Linux since I made the switch.

I tried:

None of them seemed to have this feature, maybe I didn't enable the right plugin or maybe it's called something else..

Please help me out, thanks!
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TobiasHolmConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you want to highlight the tag you can place the mouse to the left. See pic.

Another solution is to use Wine / Notepad++ as previous mentioned. To open htm files with Notepad++ as default editor in Ubuntu:

1. Open Notepad++ / Settings / Preferences / File Association
2. Register .htm & .html
3. Click Close
4. In Nautilus, select a htm-file, right click and hit 'open with', choose Wine Windows Program Launcher.

Regards, Tobias
Not really sure what it is you are trying to edit (if it is only HTML) but I remember one of the better HTML editors for Ubuntu that I could find was called "Screem":


I haven't used it in quite some time so by now it could be a pretty nice program. I guess it somewhat depends what you are editing. Hope that at least gets you in the right direction!

If you still can't find it I recommend just going through the applications list on Ubuntu. You can search the repositories pretty easily in Ubuntu by typing in search terms and things like that. Don't really remember how to get to it off the top of my head but should be an easy Google.
There is a plugin for Vim, which allows to put the highlighted text between html tags: type some text, press "v" for visual mode, highlight the text, press ";dv".
Plugin adds tags <div> and </div> in the beginning and end of highlighted text.
And so with many other tags.
Plugin: http://www.vim.org/scripts/script.php?script_id=453
Description: http://www.infynity.spodzone.com/vim/HTML/HTML.html

I think Kate is what you need. Just enable "Tools / Highlighting / Markup / HTML". See pic.

Regards, Tobias
www_puertoricoautoforo_comAuthor Commented:
Kate does not do it, when I click on various html tags it does not highlight the ending tag..

For instance..

if I click on <title>  it will not highlight </title>

maybe I'm missing something?

I enabled highlighting for HTML, PHP, CSS
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