please help, went from peer to peer sharing to domain server install

I just installed a new windows server 2008 for  this business. shared drives and moved all data to the server.  installed one workstation and got them up and in peachtree 2007 accounting.  She can do anything. another user i need to get in has an account and can login but does not see the changes from the other person, why? i really need help on this one being a network admin.

they are on a new domain and mapped drives are setup. permissions should be setup correctly and i dont know what else to check.  Also the funny part is that the other user can login to the same peachtree company but cannot see updates? thanks, please please help!
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On the server look for \~pvse~.loc and open it, that should have the servers name.  

Also verify the data path on all cleints:
In a client/server environment, install Peachtree on the system where the data files will be stored (the server) first. Then install it on the workstations. Move the company data to the data folder on the server. When the clients first run, open the company file on the server mapped drive.
Inbox360Author Commented:
what i think happened is this. i installed the server portion of the software and moved e fles to the mapped drive. well got an error and it would not load on workstation so i copied over with a exact backup of the company folder and everything in it and the workstation loaded and was totally ok.  then i installed the other workstation software and just pointed to the mapped drive company folder. what i am thinking is that the first computer went right on because i copied the whole company folder from the workstation over the server copy but when the 2nd workstation got installed it somehow put a 2nd company in the same company folder.?  What i was gonna do was delete both workstations and install on both first while pointing to server mapped drive and then over righting the server copy with a backup company folder i made yesterday?   or am i not understanding it here?
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If you did the server portion first, you should be OK. Delete the company folder on the server you don't need and make sure both workstations are opening the same company data. Create a mapped drive consistent on both workstations and if you have to, just run Peachtree and go to "file|open company" to make sure you get the correct data.
Inbox360Author Commented:
i cut out the company folder on the mapped drive and now i am going to reload peach on each workstation and then copy the company files back to the mapped drive that i had made on server?
My clients folders are actually mapped one level higher too, so the map actually goes to an 'accounting' folder and the peachtree company data is within that.
Inbox360Author Commented:

; This is the configuration and current status file for Peachtree Premium Accounting
; for Distribution 2004.  The information stored here is located in the same directory
; as the WIN.INI file, which means that for network users, each user has their own
; copy and thus, potentially their own set of information.  Therefore, if any
; configuration information MUST apply to the entire system regardless of user,
; it does not belong here, but in the OPTIONS.DAT file.
; Exception:  note that the information to FIND the OPTIONS.DAT file
;             ("DATAPATH=" and "BTRIEVE=") MUST be here anyway.

; The first section is the "Lib" section, which contains information necessary
;    for the PEACHLIB DLL.  Any application which uses that DLL will get
;    information from here.
; The DATAPATH is where the errorlog, the help file, the form files, and the
;    OPTIONS.DAT file are found.  In addition, each set of "Company Data" is
;    located in its own subdirectory off of this DATAPATH.  The default value
;    is "C:\PROGRA~1\PEACHT~1".
; The Install section is used only by the installation program.
; The INSTALLED flag tells whether or not the PAW has ever been installed.
; The PROGRAMPATH is used to tell where the EXE file has been installed.  This
;      is also used to find the "BOOK" program.
PROGRAMGROUP=Peachtree Premium Accounting for Distribution 2007

InstallTimeStamp=4-1-2010 20:14:35


this is what the ppad140.ini says on one of the workstations. is this correct?  i copied the whole company folder back to the server and reinstalled both workstations.  i am waiting on reg numbers and will see if it works tomorrow? what else can i check?

When i removed peach from both workstastions i removed the peach package and the pervasive psql and the pervasive system analyzer. did i need to remove sage integration seervices?

i also made a ptb backup file before i did all of this, will restoring it help at all?
Inbox360Author Commented:
should i be copying the whole company folder or just the actual folder that was made up for the company?
The PATH variables look good. When you installed the workstation versions, make sure you answer the network install question properly.

Also, after everything is installed, you could do a file -> restore (with no company open) of the ptb file to create a new company located on the server share, rather than copying the folder.
Inbox360Author Commented:
well got a peachtree expert and remoted in and all it was, was somehow the workstations kept pointing back to a c drive company folder and not the mapped share

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