Network icon not showing in taskbar - Windows 7 Professional

I have a computer running Windows 7 Pro.  It was recently infected with some malware/viruses.  Right now, I'm trying to restore some basic functionality back to the machine, and have found that there is still something blocking me.  

I have no network icon in the taskbar to attempt to connect to a wireless network.  None of the functionality under Network and Sharing Center will bring up the information either.  I have tried to turn the icon on, but the option is greyed out.  Everything I've found on the internet points to a group policy being turned on that is not allowing the icon to show.  When I try to run gpedit.msc I get an access denied error stating I do not have permission to perform this action.  I am logged in as the only user on this machine, and I have administrator rights.  I have also tried to just get into the Local Security Policy, and was greeted with the same message.

If anyone has any ideas on how to get this part of windows back without re-installing Windows, I'd be very grateful.

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BitsBytesandMoreConnect With a Mentor Commented:
First I would suggest you run from the command prompt:
SFC /scannow
This will scan all your protected Windows files and verify they are there and not corrupt. You will need to have the Windows 7 DVD because it might ask you for it.
You should also make sure that you really removed all traces of Virus/Malware/Rootkits.
MalwareBytes Anti Malware.... 
and/or SuperAntiSpyware
For Rootkits:
Bits ...
Yes, it's simple...DON"T RE-INSTALL WINDOWS...Click the little arrow pointing up near the clock & choose customize. Find the network icon & choose "show icons & notifications"..I've also given you a screenshot...
BitsBytesandMoreConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If the above fails, a repair install of Windows 7 is not bad at all:
Bits ...
Phal44Connect With a Mentor Commented:
If the above dont sort things out, I would definitely try to create myself a new local admin account to see if the problems apply to all users on the computer and not just yours.
1scsAuthor Commented:
Well, it turns out that this is a pirated version of Windows 7, some days customers can really push you to your limits...  Sorry for the hassle, and thanks for all the quick responses.  I will be re-installing the proper version of windows back on the laptop.
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