XP Pro SP3 loosing connection to server; EventID 4226

We have a client using Goldmine, which needs a constant & uninterupted connction to the SQL server.
They're having a systemic problem w/ the Goldmine client loosing connection w/ the server (along w/ the client PC itself)
It's occurs at random & has no rhyme or reason to it.  We've replaced cables, switches, moved the DB to another server, had Goldmine certified technicains working w/ us the whole time.  Nothing.
It's driving our relationship w/ our client into a ditch, so this is getting serious
I have observed eventID 4226:
"TCP/IP has reached the security limit imposed on the number of concurrent TCP connect attempts."
Multiple times on the client PC. I'm suspecting this is our problem, but I can't understand why so many connections are running on a client PC.  It serves NOTHING to ANYONE on this small 3 person network.
I have heard that an infected system (worm) may cause these errors, but the client PCs have always had AV protection & scan daily w/o a single trace of infection, so I doubt this is the issue.
How can I find out what is making all these connections on a client PC?
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Darius GhassemCommented:
Darius GhassemCommented:
When install SP3 any changes you made to the limit prior is now overwritten again with the 10 concurrent connection limit.
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bryanchandlerAuthor Commented:
Great.  I will apply this patch tonight.
Next question is, once I apply the patch & have 50 connections, that will hopefully give enough headroom for the connection to time out if it's half-open, how do I find the process that's opening all of these junk connections?
Darius GhassemCommented:
Trouble with a NIC?
bryanchandlerAuthor Commented:
Replaced the NIC already.
Some bad RAM? I know it's not directly implicated, but I've seen it before!
bryanchandlerAuthor Commented:
If it were bad RAM, I'd think I'd see other symptoms than too many TCP/IP connections.
Can you just replace the machine?
Bryan, true, but... what's left to rule out? The motherboard? The power supply? Same could be said for these. You've replaced the cabling, the connectors, the switch, the NIC.

You could do a parallel installation of Windows on the machine and reinstall programs. If the problem goes away you'll know it's not your hardware. If the problem persists, it's your hardware. Which component?

Try the NIC in a different slot on the MB?
Darius GhassemCommented:
This is not a problem with hardware this is a known limitation with XP.
bryanchandlerAuthor Commented:
Well, we installed a test Win 2k8 Std. server & moved the DB over there.
No change.
I will install the "alteration" to half-open connection limit tomorrow during my maintenance visit.

NIC on a different port didn't change anything.  We had the user run Goldmine via RDP on another system.  Same thing happened then.  Crashy, and at random times it slows to a crawl, but then sometimes it only slows down for about 15 seconds.  Random random random Grilled cheese random!

The users have tons of Adobe CS & other software installed on each machine as well, and the fact that they ran into the same issues on another much newer & less cluttered system tells me it's not the problem.
Ah, new news: same issues on another machine.

So, what's the common denominator? The db? GoldMine itself? Are you still getting the 4226 errors?

You rule out the server by moving sql to a new server. You rule out the client by saying the problem happens on more than one client. What's left? the network? Switches/routers/cabling, etc?

Here's a guess from the (not-so-) wild speculation department... check your dns server. If there are issues resolving addresses you could experience problems with GoldMine and SQL.

Another swing at it... check your log files and indexes. Be sure you don't have the settings turned on that automatically create new indexes. Truncate your logs, both in GoldMine and in SQL. Run SQL in "simple" mode.

Is anyone on your system trying to run the built-in GoldMine reports? These can cause near-total loading of your sql server.

bryanchandlerAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the suggestions.  I'm going there today & will try out what I can.  I'll also try the half-open connections fix on one of the client PCs.
bryanchandlerAuthor Commented:
Also, yes we replaced the switch w/ a new Netgear Gigabit switch.  No change.
Darius GhassemCommented:
The TCP\IP fix will do the trick. Make sure reboot after the application.
bryanchandlerAuthor Commented:
I've applied "EventID 4226 Patcher Version 2.23d" on the client PC having the most issues & rebooted.  I'll have him observe performance & report back what comes from it.
bryanchandlerAuthor Commented:
Unfourtunetly, the EventID 4226 patcher didn't fix the issue.  We've observed that turning the preview pane off in Goldmine (which uses IE 8 to render the preview) immediately fixes the problem.  We're pursuing this possible fix.  The closed connections aren't the problem.

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What version of GoldMine?
bryanchandlerAuthor Commented:
I'm assuming the latest version.  Ver. "P.O.S."
Bryan, I "get" your frustration; but a) show me a "perfect" piece of software that does anywhere near what GoldMine does. For that matter, show me any bug-free software! "It is what it is" as they say. GoldMine exceeds, by far, the functionality offered in any other product of comparable cost. And, yes, it's got a few bugs (though that's not necessarily proven in this case) and limitations (possibly an IE conflict of some sort here).

In fact, unless you're running 8.52, at least, it's entirely possible that the "issue" you're encountering has been fixed in the current release. GoldMine does fix issues as they come up, as they're reported.
bryanchandlerAuthor Commented:
I apologizes for "emoting" here.  I will keep it clinical from now on.  I realize all software has bugs, but Goldmine has been a real pain & has put a black-eye on the relationship with our client & our inability to find the reason for the slowdowns, even with Frontrange & a Goldmine expert's help.

I did check, and they're using the latest version of Goldmine.  If face, the problems started immediately after upgrading to the latest "point" release last year.
Frontrange has identified a bug in the software (unfortunately only one of our issues we're having) and has acknowledged that it's an issue that they've yet to resolve & are working on it.  Mainly, when deleting emails, it will crash.
The slowdowns stop occurring when the user turns off "Sync Contacts" in the options menu, FYI.
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