How do you make Dynamics GP 9 print one Payable Transaction per page in the Edit List

One of my users had this working for years and this morning it doesn't page break.  It is only on her PC... the rest of the GP users are printing one per page.  I have had her exit and reboot, but now change.  Thanks.
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sdedolaConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Found this online.  It turns out that this user lost their access to the custom reports in the security section of Dynamics.  Thanks.

If you have Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP, formerly known as Great Plains Dynamics and eEnterprise, implemented in your organization, it is often the case that you need custom reports, especially Sales Invoice, Order, Return, Backorder, Quote. Likely the candidates to be on your modified Invoice are Logo, Disclaimers, Special Instructions. We assume that you are on Dynamics GP 10.0 and we will give you highlights on how to modify forms in GP ReportWriter:

1. Security for the user to use Report Writer. Please, login Dynamics GP as sa – this is MS SQL Server System Administrator account, it is required to update user access on MS SQL master, DYNAMICS and Company DB records level. Tools->Setup->System->User Security, pick the user id and the company and mark IT Operations Manager role. You do not need this step if your company is very small and Great Plains Security is not a big concern and you could allow modify GP forms under SA user ID
Victoria YudinOwnerCommented:
Sounds like you have a modified report for the Payables Edit List.  Did something change on the user's computer or on your network recently?  

Does the report print correctly if you log into GP on the 'problem' as another GP user?  If so, then I would suspect the GP user is not pointing to the correct modified report.

Does the report print correctly if you log into GP as the 'problem' GP user on someone else's computer (where it's working correctly)?  If so, then I would suspect that GP on the 'problem' computer is not pointing to the right Reports.dic file.
sdedolaAuthor Commented:
I logged on to GP on her PC using my credentials and the reports work correctly.   Can you advise how to fix from here?  Thanks.
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