Netapp for backup Solution

Thank you for you help. My compnay is looking to purchase Netapp for backup solution. Can soem one is using Netapp tell me waht is the advantages and disadvantages using Netapp? Is Netapp the best soluction? Any links or article that made you choose NetApp?
We need to backup our Exchange with Enterprise Vault, SQL server, File Server and remote offices.
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luc_roySystem AdminCommented:
It depends on what you are trying to do.
Netapp makes a great product that is extremely reliable.  The only downside  is the cost.  If you have the money you can’t do much better.

The only product I think is better is EMC ( and it’s more expensive then NETAPP.

One of the best features NETAPP has is above it’s competitors is a great simulator. It has a ton of features but they are mostely the same as other products.

Some of the best features it has above it competitors are:

      Our Snapshot technology enables you to create point-in-time copies of file systems, which you can use to protect data—from a single file to a complete disaster recovery solution.

FilerView®, an easy-to-use browser-based tool, is the primary interface available on every NetApp storage system for managing administrative tasks ranging from installation to complete configuration.

NetApp SyncMirror provides synchronous data replication for maximum data availability. SyncMirror maintains two copies of data online, providing protection against all types of hardware outages, including triple disk failure.

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Paul SolovyovskySenior IT AdvisorCommented:
If you're using FSA in your Enterprise Vault enivironment you can create Vaults on the NetApp and let it do te SIS and compression and thus taking resources off your EV server.

The Snapmanager for SQL is great, you can restore your DBs at point in times and it will create all the LUNs for you for the most part and will flush transaction more mountint a manual snaphot as is done with other SAN vendors.

Filer is great, you can assign your current file server's name and ip and move everything over using robocopy, etc..  It will act as your file server and restoring from snapshots is a breeze..just type in ~snapshot and it will list all the snapshots for that volume, train users and no more user requests to restore files/folders

Simulator is great as stated above, I have two of them in my vmware lab for testing, just load it up on ubuntu.

Dear weikiiro,

As I understand what you write - the NetApp you'd be looking into would entirely be for backup purposes, i.e. as a storage for backing up

If you desire to continue using EnterPrise Vault, I'd recommend B2D (Backup To Disk) towards a NetApp VTL (Virtual Tape Library).
This way your transition from existing tape backup solution to B2D will be very smooth (since the VTL emulate same tapes as you already may be using).
You can read more about NetApp VTL solutions on e.g.:

Of course, if you do not want to have a VTL, you'll have multiple other options.
E.g. you can base this on simple CIFS shares and backup directly to such using EV, SQL Server dumps (e.g. directly to a UNC path), may even want to place you file server on the NetApp FAS and remote offices you can backup using OSSV (

Some very good articles comparing NetApp with other technologies, can be found via:

I'd any time choose NetApp, primarily for it's killer option "Kepp it simple"!

Kind regards,

If you are interested to take Exchange, SQL and File system backup and want to use best performance visualization technology then I would recommended 3PAR InServ storage.

This is very easy to manage product.
3PAR InServ a simple yet powerful, dynamically tiered storage array for open systems. Central to the design is a high-bandwidth, low-latency backplane that unifies cost-effective, modular, and upgradeable components into a highly available and autonomically load-balanced cluster. The revolutionary, zero-detection capable.

Great feature is zero detection. That's mean when you remove the usesr and mails from your exchange server then Zero detection technolgy reclaim those pages from database.

Useful features for your environment:
1) Recovery manager products for SQL, Exchange server, Oracle and VMware.
2) Point-in-time snapshots.
3) Thin provisioning
4)  Virtual copy
5) Remote Copy
6) Adaptive Optimization

You can read more about 3PAR solutions on

TBH, after the fact, Contact a sales rep. Request TR's, request an NDA if you can and read about the technology. The snapshot technology is amazingly simple but complicated as well. I know some of the interworkings and it does the job very well.

However, I cannot advise because a slip of the tongue could violate NDA.
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