How do I snyc iphone back to outlook?

I have a client that has lost all the information in his outlook account. According to him it is his livelyhood and he can't live without it. He said, however, that all his information (contacts, caleneder, emails, ect. ) are on his phone. I told him not to let it sync because my gut tells me it will erase everthing. is there anyway he can get all his info back on his computer?

Thanks ahead of time.
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wfcraven12Connect With a Mentor Commented:
those should automatically get updated through activesync on the exchange server.  
You need to create a contacts group in Outlook, then go to the info tab when you connect your iphone. The box should be grayed out where it says "Put new contacts created on this phone into this group:" If it says something about transferring more than 5% data just ignore it.
AngelAriasAuthor Commented:
Cool Thanks. Will this do anything about his emails and calender info?
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