Windows 2008 Storage Server SP2 x64 - Slow Response, Slow Navigation

Hello Experts,

I have a new HP DL360 G6 storage server with Windows Server 2008 x64 Storage Server Edition SP2 installed. Other specs and software this server holds:
- 2 x Xeon E5530 CPUs
- 12 GB RAM
- 40 GB local disk (8 GB free)
- 5 TB iSCSI SAN volumes
- AV Kaspersky v6.0
- Symantec Backup Exec 12.5 Remote Agent (runs at night)
- Microsoft IIS (for some SAN email redirection)

Initially this server flew but now it's tough to do anything while logged in to the console or through Remote Desktop. Note: Using a networked client, working with the network shares/resources the server provides seems normal.

When I'm logged in, I notice significant wait times throughout, but some examples are when I even navigate through local C: drive (local RAID). Also when I click on something like the icon "New updates are available" for Windows updates, there can sometimes be a 15 second to minutes wait time to open! So Windows in general is bogged down by something...

I've been closely monitoring RAM (utilization, available RAM), CPU (utilization, processes, etc), and Local Disks (RW queues, IOPS, wait times) and I cant seem to find any bottle neck. (I may not be looking at the right stats though...)

Any suggestions on what I can do to help speed it up? I'm even considering reinstalling Windows fresh, but what a hassle...
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open a ticket with HP and make them troubleshoot it....

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My first suspect in situations like this is the anti-virus. I've run into more issues than I can count regarding performance where the cause of the issue was the anti-virus or "protection suite". More commonly, McAfee anything, Symantec End-Point, Trend Micro and Kaspersky. It may not resolve your particular issue, but temporarily uninstalling or disabling Kaspersky would be my first step. Unfortunately you are looking at what is most likely a software based issue if you are noticing no hardware bottlenecks.

Also, as fbcbloodcenter said, you may be able to open a TT with HP and have them look at it as well if you purchased everything through them. I don't know where HP draws their lines on software support based on purchase arrangement and contract levels so I can't say for sure.
ottobockAuthor Commented:
Calling HP but likely reinstalling OS on server. AV was unisntalled and problems continued, but the AV appeared to maybe be causing some problems.

True problem still unknown. Thanks anyway.
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