Route delete command

How can I make a route delete command "stick" after re-booting?
I have the command I need to make my system do what is needed but after re-booting it re-establishes the route again.

Is there a -p type of command that will  make it stay in the system?

Windows 7 HPrem
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The -p of the route command makes a route stay after reboot, it cannot makes routes stay deleted after reboot.  The route can only get there a few different ways.  

The main two are DHCP and Static IP address configuration.  If you are receiving the route as part of DHCP, you would have to delete it each time or setup a DHCP reservation for the system in question and choose what routes it's handed via DHCP; or you can switch the config to a static IP address and the routing table will stay the same and you can (and must) specify all of the routes manually.

BTW, the info neccessary to accomplish all of this (converting from DHCP to static IP) can be discovered using the ipconfig and route commands in a command prompt.

To get to network configuration, just type "change adapter settings" without the quotes in the Search Programs and Files box on the start menu.

Ryoung_AztecAuthor Commented:
Server 2000 has a reservaton for the Mac add of the laptop. So that I am assigned an ip whenever i plug in. Since I'm running Windows 7 hPrem i don't know that I need an ip assigned because I do not join the domain anyway.

So, if I understand correctly you are saying on the server set the reservation up to not assign a route?

Sorry to be so ignorant.

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