Deleting and Importing in Backup Exec 10d

I have taken over the backup aministration duties for several remote sites and am in the process of trying to clean things up.  One of these sites is running BE10d and has MANY MEDIA entries which I would like to complete remove and then re-add the proper ones using the current tapes in their rotation w/o removing any catalogs or anything that would prevent them from restoring data should they need to.

In addition to the 1 stand alone dat tape drive, there is a drive letter E: (I'm assuming this was used for the backup to disk backups they used to use but no longer do so), and a disabled backup to disc  folder.  I also, have 142 entries under MEDIA I'd like to clear out.

This was my game plan but I wanted to make sure I  don't screw things up in the process.

1.  Move ALL media to Retired Media, then delete.
2,  Delete existing B2D folder and E: drive
3.  Add tapes one at a time and inventory to get them to show under Media.

From what I understand this shouldnt affect the catalogs and allow me to accomplish what I want to do.  

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Iamthecreator OMConnect With a Mentor Administrateur Systeme et ReseauxCommented:
Yes you are right . By moving the media to retired and deleting the same the catalogs remain unaffected.
Your plan is good .

GDavis193Author Commented:
Thanks.  I also verified this with Symantec (after 2 hours on hold).  Just an FYI, the catalogs in BE will be deleted when the associated media is deleted but since there's a copy on the tape, we should be good to go.  Also, new ones get created after each job.
Iamthecreator OMAdministrateur Systeme et ReseauxCommented:
The catalogs are NOT deleted if you delete the media. It will be deleted if the media is overwritten.
GDavis193Author Commented:
Correct, not deleted from the MEDIA but they ARE removed from BE.  
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