New Website not showing after DNS switch

We moved our website toa  new server, new IP address. I have edited the DNS zone file to point to the new IP address. When I am at home and pull up site, I get the new site, but when at work I still see the old site. Is there some DNS caching issue I can remove? Or how can I get the new site to show? Thanks!
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Andrej PirmanCommented:
Most probably it is DNS cache in your company. Check it out:
- when in company, see which DNS servers your LAN card has set. If they are set ty your ISP provider (which I doubt) then you might just have wait a bit longer for cache to expire
But if your DNS is pointed to your LAN servers or LAN router, try this:

on your computer, run this command in DOS PROMPT window:
ipconfig /flushdns

If you have access to your ROUTER, reset it or  turn it off and back on, which would reset it's cache.

If you have access to your company's servers, which run DNS Server, or better tell Admin to clear DNS cache and restart DNS.
If you have an internal domain name at work that's the same as your external (public) domain name, like, then you probably need to create an A record in your *internal* DNS to point to the server's new public IP address.
nick_kesslerAuthor Commented:
Yes, IT Monkey, this situation applies, so how do I create an A record? Sorry not totally sure how to do this internally, but do have access to DNS on our servers.
I'm assuming Windows + Active Directory
Well going from memory the basic procedure is on the DNS server, launch the DNS Manager.  Right-click on your domain name (like and select Create, New A Record (Host).  Enter the web server's name like "www" and its public IP address, then click OK.  That should do it.  "" will be appended to the "www" automatically.
If there's already an A record for "www" delete it and create a new one (before you delete it make a note of its current IP though just in case).

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nick_kesslerAuthor Commented:
Thx IT Monkey, Indeed there was already an A record, so I wrote down IP, deleted it, and recreated. New site opening as should, thanks!!!

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