Php Real Estate Script

So to come to the map it self now.......well, the ideal thing to do with the map is when choosing the region and the results update the map should update too to the right region.....I have the regions and their equivalent location to the map
Ayia Napa

there is also a Javascript i put it in the code section below and to show you what i had working before making this whole functional
Its not working dynamically its just the info I gave you above.....
is there a way to make it work?

<script type="text/javascript">
	// Send a message to the map via the map proxy frame, toggling the proxy's
    // size to indicate there is a message ready to be read
    function sendMessageToFrame(message) {
        var elem = top.document.getElementById('mapFrameProxy');
        elem.contentWindow.location = '' + message + '&frame=mapFrame';
        elem.width = elem.width > 50 ? 50 : 100;
    function showArea(areas) {
    	var area = (areas.options[areas.selectedIndex].value);
//    	alert('Show area ' + area);

<select name="city" id="city" onchange="showArea(this)")">
                <option>Select City</option>
                <option value=";ulx=525936&amp;uly=3885248&amp;w=14688&amp;h=8960">Nicosia</option>
                <option value=";ulx=549744&amp;uly=3859640&amp;w=14688&amp;h=8960">Larnaca</option>
                <option value=";ulx=497440&amp;uly=3833144&amp;w=14688&amp;h=8960">Limassol</option>
                <option value=";ulx=440224&amp;uly=3843544&amp;w=14688&amp;h=8960">Paphos</option>
                <option value=";ulx=589811.9510425703&amp;uly=3871441.5857088603&amp;w=2334&amp;h=1508">Ayia Napa</option>

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What you had before was an onclick event trigger to change the map when a new option was selected.  That is not really going to be an option in your case because we need the page refresh to trigger the queries.  I will have a look at for you tomorrow morning :-)

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dino_angelidesAuthor Commented:
Ok John, thx a lot!!! :)
also I am including the iframe for the map if that will be helpful!!!
<iframe name="mapFrame" id="mapFrame" frameborder="0" style="position:absolute; left:983; top:500; background:transparent; border:1px solid rgb(191,219,247);"
      src=";locale=el" width="983" height="500"> </iframe>

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dino_angelidesAuthor Commented:
I tried adding the channels for the map to the list/menu  but it did not work
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