How does this site get PR7? Help me understand this


This site is a PR7.  How can this be?  I help run a site and I work hard to make it legitimate quality site, and stuck at PR5 for 2 years, have 70k visitors a month, with thousands of inner pages of unique content, hand written.  Then I find sites like that, which are PR7, and are total junk.  Only a few pages, and most of its pages are blank, with PR0, just a naked PR7 homepage.   How does a site like that get PR7?  Please compare it to mine and help me understand what are they doing to get to PR7?   Its nothing more than a link bucket for someone to sell text links on (I know because the site owner is selling text links at 1000 bucks a pop, per year as posted on a forum).     And here I can't even get to PR6 lol.
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Geoff KenyonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I really wouldn't focus on pagerank very much. Toolbar pagerank is not an accurate measure of how important a site is. Google intentionally did this to pagerank because website owners would freak out over the green bar and cared more about that then their users.

If he's selling links and dumb enough to post that in a forum, it wouldn't be very difficult for his ability to pass pagerank to be taken away.

Your guys moz metrics are pretty close -!comparison

Instead of focusing on PR, look at traffic.  Has your traffic from search engines increased as you have worked on your SEO/link building?  If not you should probably spend more time building links.
Andrej PirmanCommented:
PR 7 needs 1000 times back-links, wich that (junk of) website might have, regardless of it's design. That's how they get PR 7.
Joshua TitsworthDigital Marketing SpecialistCommented:
Honestly the fact it is a PR 7 doesn't mean much in terms of SEO. If they are a competitor what I'd so is see if they are outranking you in the search for certain key phrases. I'd just focus on gaining a higher rank in the search and less on PR.
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gwkgConnect With a Mentor Commented:
He has 2 PR8 backlinks, 5 PR7,  17 PR6 and more PR5 than I felt like counting.

You have 1 PR7, 14 PR6 & 6 PR5

arthurh88Author Commented:
oh yea they have 2 pr8's....dhwake, thank you for that link, I never saw that website before, VERY helpful.  My question is answered.
arthurh88Author Commented:
i understand why now.
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