SVN - Version Control

Hi All,

I'm looking to use SVN I've got the following setup:

A linux server on the net.
My Laptop

I basically want to be able to commit/update between laptop and PC, but also put in a directory on the server (/var/www/html) in this case.

So updates local version so I can keep up to date on both lappy and PC.

Obviously have LAMP installed locally, but also so it can be viewed on the server from the obove location.

I plan on using tortoiseSVN client

But how should I config the server and how would it make it go to /var/www/html


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being a developer I have did same thing on vps / server but my conclusion is that building your own svn hosting server is expensive unreliable and time wasting.

after trying various commercial svn hosting providers. currently I am using and much satisfied with it

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