win7 can not map drive

on windows 7 i try to map my drive on the server , windows 2003, when i select the folder and right click it does not give the option for a network drive, and i can not see it anywhere.

in fact the top folder, DATA  this one i can map a drive but none of the folder under.... same as with win95 and win98.
all folder that only have NTFS right can not be map!!!

can someone help?  

i really hope i forget to do something...... if not MS is not getting better.


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ChickensaurConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yeah what you are describing, to my knowledge is normal.  You can only map a truly shared drive using the method you described.  Since the subfolders are not a true share, then they can't be mapped in that fashion with Windows 7.

What you need to do is right click Computer and click on Map Network Drive.  Then browse to that sub folder.  That will map it for you.
Another way is to go into Computer so you can see all of your drives, hit the alt button to make the menu appear, click Tools and then Map Network Drive.
adminslyAuthor Commented:
thanks..... very fast  and it is working !!!!

adminslyAuthor Commented:
very fast answer
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