Cannot debug website in visual studio

I am not able to debug my website.  When I hit the Start Debugging button in Visual Studio, the project builds and Internet Explorer opens with my site, but Visual Studio does NOT stay in debug mode, it just builds and then starts the website.

I set a breakpoint in my default.aspx page's load event, but it is not hit.  

A while back, I was fiddling with my settings (DUH) and apparently messed something up.  But I have looked over the IIS7 settings and my Visual Studio and project settings and everything makes sense, but I still cannot debug.  What am I doing wrong?

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Ensure that you have

 <compilation debug="true"/>

in web.config file..

it should be inside <System.Web> element.


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Tom BeckCommented:
Just wondering if you have rebooted since the problem started. I had the same problem a few days ago and a reboot fixed it.
Run visual studio as an administrator
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dougschultzAuthor Commented:
I DO have  <compilation debug="true"/> set in the web.config file.

I HAVE rebooted several times attempting to fix the issue.

I DO run Visual Studio as an administrator.

Still no joy.
dougschultzAuthor Commented:
OH, I have made a bit of a breakthrough on this..

I have <location path="." inheritInChildApplications="false" >  wrapping the <system.web> section in my config file.  When I removed this, I was able to debug as expected.

But, why would this be the case?  I do need to have this location tag..

Any ideas?
dougschultzAuthor Commented:
Hm, it would appear I've stumbled onto a known issue.

Is anyone able to find any better information on this issue?  Frankly, the workaround stinks.  I'm currently downloading the VS2010 RC to see if that gives any love.
Greg GambleProgrammerCommented:

You have this:
<location path="." inheritInChildApplications="false" >

Should it not be:
<location path="/" inheritInChildApplications="false" >

Open in new window

dougschultzAuthor Commented:
Apparently not.  It failed with a configuration error:

Parser Error Message: <location> path attribute must be a relative virtual path.  It cannot start with any of ' ' '.' '/' or '\'.
Greg GambleProgrammerCommented:
Do you have two apps in the same directory?
dougschultzAuthor Commented:
In the production environment I do have nested apps.
Greg GambleProgrammerCommented:
But nothing in the development? If so, then why do you need it? Debug works fine without, correct?

Sound like this tag is stopping any writing that the debugger is doing to the web.config.
dougschultzAuthor Commented:
Yes, this is the recommended workaround.
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