How can I have the VPN only access a dedicated folder on the network drive?

There are two of us that need to share and store files.  I have a network drive and I would like to have a folder or path on the drive that can be accessed via the Netgear VPN router (FVS318G).  I would like the VPN connection to only be able to access that folder and not the rest of the drive or computers.  How do I set this up?
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manav08Connect With a Mentor Commented:
I dont believe what you are after is possible via VPN as the concept of the VPN is that you are basically connected to the Network rather than a computer.
What you can do however is setup SECURITY permissions on the other drives so that no one else can access it. Do you know how to do this or would you like me to post some info?
tmclaneAuthor Commented:
I'm running Windows 7 and any help you can provide on Security permissions would be appreciate.  Thanks!
I think your machine is not hooked to a domain but just on a workgroup so here is what you will need to do in short -

1. Setup a new user account on the PC and give it a password. This can be done via Control Panel.
2. Once this is done, you choose the folder to which you want this user to have access to. Right click on this folder, share it using the sharing tab and then in security tab provide the appropriate permissions to this user.
3. Give this username and password to the guy who is accessing your VPN from outside and then he should only be able to access this one folder unless ofcourse you give him permission to access another folder.

Here is a link on how to do it in VISTA, but Windows 7 should be same - Any problems let me know
Here is another one
Follow instructions under subheading "How to Grant Permissions in Windows 7"
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