Trouble printing to home network printer

Hey all - I have a user who is using his work laptop at home and connecting to his home personal printer.  He is getting an error when trying to print - "A policy is in effect on your computer which prevents you from connecting to this print queue.  Contact your Administrator." He is running Windows XP SP3 and connects to a domain at work but at home he connects to his home wireless network (cached credentials lets him login).   Any help would be appreciated...thanks!
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B HCommented:
is he establishing a vpn to the office, and then trying to print to his house?

B HCommented:
otherwise, here's how to change your group policy to allow him to be able to print to it... but his machine will need to get the group policy from the server on the server's network (or a vpn), won't take effect until he gets it
kadadi_vIT AdminCommented:
At Home he is logging with Local Administrator profile...? OR with same work domain user..?

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KincaidhelpAuthor Commented:
OK, he explained his situation differently this morning.  He has a printer installed on his desktop computer at home (not work related) that he is trying to connect to using his work computer that he brings home from the office.  When he trys to connect to the printer so it installs on his work computer, he receives the "policy" error message.

bryon - no VPN, he logs into his domain account with cached credentials.  He doesn't need domain resources because he has files on a USB stick

kadadi - he is logged on using cached credentials for his domain account.

Hope this clarifies things a little better - Thanks!

B HCommented:
right but if his computer belongs on a domain, it already has the group policies from the domain, and you aparently have a group policy setting that says basically 'only let this guy print to printers that belong in the forest' - which his home printer doesn't belong to.

that link above shows you the exact policy entry to check:

if that's the case, you need to edit that policy, and get his work machine back onto your network so it can download the new policy
KincaidhelpAuthor Commented:
I failed to mention that we use Linux (samba) as our domain controller, not AD.  Sorry - I knew I should have mentioned that somewhere.  Any thoughts on that?
B HCommented:
i dont know samba at all, but does it have a similar sort of 'policies' thing?  if not, run gpedit.msc on his local machine and browse to the same policy location - could be an improperly set local policy, it's the same thing just assigned by his machine instead of a domain controller
This is not going to work without a separate profile.  He needs to create a separate profile for home vs work, and then he can do whatever he wants.  As long as he is using the work profile at home, it will be looking for the Domain controller, or Samba, and won't find either, and it will throw an error.

This problem crops up ALL the time with people on DCs at work, and not at home.  Making a second profile called "home" is easier than you think.  If he doesn't want to do it, he will not get it to work in my experience.

Make new profile,

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