x4200 sol 10/ two internal drives have different cylinder sizes

Hello Expert,

I have two Sun x4200 servers, and I've noticed the internal disk drives have different cylinders; therefore, it prevents me from mirroring the drives with ZFS software raid. After several suggestions from Sun; they still can’t provide the solution.They also shipped us a new drive; but still seeing different cylinders.

  the Primary drive (c0t0d0) has a 14086 cyl( with OS installed). while the secondary drive (c0t1d0) has 8921 cyl. (blank disk).

       0. c0t0d0 <DEFAULT cyl 14086 alt 2 hd 24 sec 424>
       1. c0t1d0 <DEFAULT cyl 8921 alt 2 hd 255 sec 63>
Specify disk (enter its number): ^D

Both are 73gb with same Sun part number.

Sun has suggested:
1) re-partition the secondary drive with fdisk 100% Solaris.... didn't work
2) shutdown the server and boot cdrom to install os on the secondary drive... didn't work
3)they shipped a new drive to us.....replaced the secondary drive....didn't work.
4)they are requesting me to run format>anaylyze>purge to clean the fdisk partition...still running.

I told them it's rediculous to have to shutdwn the server and install OS just to replace a failed drive.
their respond was that we must try it before they can proceed to other solutions.

Has anyone encouter this issue?  

P.S. OS is solaris 10 x86 10/09

Thank You.


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try reversing the disk...make new one as primary and old one as secondary...install OS on new one and see...
You have to play around as there may be no other option as suggested by sun...
This can happen if the disks are from different manufacturers.  Sun is notorious for its unwillingness to track disks from different manufacturers as different parts.  As a result, when you get a replacement disk, even though it's the same size, it may be a Hitachi when you originally had Seagates for example.  Power the system down, pull the disks (one at a time to avoid confusion), and verify that both are the same manufacturer and same model number.  If they are not the same, you ma want to go back to Sun(Oracle) and ask them to send the right part.  Since Sun became Oracle, their idiotic policy of not tracking the different parts as different parts has been changed.

This should not prevent you from mirroring with ZFS (though it can be a hassle when mirroring with SVM).  When you try to establish the root mirror, what is the error you get?

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