make windows 7 alt tab work like xp

Windows 7 alt tab sure looks cool.  But I prefer the XP view which showed 7 plain icons per row and up to 3 rows.

Is there any way to retrieve that?
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There may be a GUI tool for this need, but this registry hack works. I just tested on Win7 64-bit.
Add a DWORD named AltTabSettings and set it to 1.

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To get the default behavior back, set the same key to 0 or delete it and reboot.
You can get the XP Alt-Tab temporarily by holding Left-Alt, tap Right-Alt, Tab. You have to hold Left-Alt the whole time.
rberkeConsultantAuthor Commented:
That worked great.  To return to screen peeks, I just deleted key, but I also had to log off and back on for it to return to normal.

I am new to windows 7, and I love some stuff and hate other stuff.  I think I will stick with windows classic theme at least until all my file transfers are done. I discovered that windows classic theme has alt tab set set to icons only for alt tab.
rberkeConsultantAuthor Commented:
Hey, the right alt key tip is REALLY REALLY good.    Too bad it is not a toggle, where a second right alt turned Areo Peek back on.  But, I still like the Windows Classic view pretty much.  It seems to keep most of the new features of Windows  that I love, and drop the new features that I hate.

Maybe in a few weeks I will feel more adverturous, but my guess is that I'll end up using your AltTabSettings for the rest of my life
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