Windows must be reinstalled to activate - sbs2008

We are running an SBS2008 for several months now. Yesterday i've installed SP2 using windows update and rebooted thed server. When the server was restarted and i tried to log in again, it kept saying: stage 3 of 3 installing sp2 64% completed. After an hour I was sick of waiting so i issued a 'shutdown /r /f /m \\computer /t 00' command from another server. Nothing happend. I then tried to reboot the server with LogMeIn. This worked and i was able to log in again. I immediatly received an error message saying that there has been an unauthorized change and that i need to reinstall windows to activate. I checked the history of windows update and the installation of SP2 was successfully. I then tried to manually reactivate windows but I got another message saying that i need to reinstall windows to activate. Insert the windows installation cd.

Plz help!
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Shreedhar EtteConnect With a Mentor Commented:

From the LogMeIn Command prompt:
1) Type: net stop slsvc  (it may ask you if you are sure, select yes)

2) Type: cd %windir%\ServiceProfiles\NetworkService\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\SoftwareLicensing

3) Type: rename tokens.dat

4) Type: cd %windir%\system32

5) Type net start slsvc

6) Reboot Twice

After above steps if does not resolve then rename the back to tokens.dat

then reboot

I hope this helps,
You have a very strange situation.
Here is a link I found that may help, I hope this helps but you may have a bigger problem if you couldn't get sp2 to install. If this does work I would try reapplying sp2 just to make sure everything is happy.
@shreedhar :^), same info, didn't see your post before I submitted :-)
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SP2 for SBS 2008 may take several hours to install. You just need to leave the server alone for a night or so. Never abort it in mid install :D

Your best bet would be to try to reapply SP2. Maybe see if you can uninstall it. But it is a risky business for sure.

Have you no "Windows Backup" image of the server?

Have you tried to reenter the product code?

Have you tried calling Microsoft Support? They give free telephone support when there are issues regarding their service packs!
@rak I'm not sure what kind of servers you have been installing SP2 on, but I may go along with up to an hour including the reboot. But I'm certainly not understanding your comment to leave the server alone for a night or so. Could you please elaborate.
I agree never to abort a SP in mid install, hence the problems.
I can't imagin anyone would ever do a SP install if they couldn't touch there server for a nitght or so, MS writes bloated code but I've never seen it that bad :-).
We have seen several SBS servers taking 6hrs+ to succeed on SP2. So for our customers we have installed SP2 on the afternoon so that it would be done until the next day. Usually it goes great and is over withi an hour, but sometimes it just hangs there.

Anyhow, I'd go for calling MS support on this one.
Actually.. When I come to think of it:

Perhaps SP2 got halfway in changing drivers and/or OS files, and one of them fails the signature check.

Try the sigverif command and see if that gives you a hint to any file that's not ok. Click the advanced button and make sure you save the logfile to c:\sigverif.txt so you find it after the tool is done.

Just a hunch.
I would agree about the hanging part, I've had to just walk away from something I thought was hung just so I wouldn't do something stupid like turn off the power button. In a lot of cases when I came back it was finished installing, this just doesn't pertain to sp2. But in the end giving something 6 hours to install and it was still hung, I would punt and take my chances :-) and then of course call MS :-)).
100% agreed. I must admit that I've taken my chances and rebooted two servers during SP install, and it went fine. But as this case prooves, I wouldn't recommend it.
FlipTripAuthor Commented:
Thx alot. This did the trick.

I found another tread on this on the net:

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