What could slow down Upload speed on ADSL2?

Hi X-perts,

I have ADSL2 connection (20000/1000). When testing speed via different speed testers on two PCs (one Win7 and another is Win XP), it shows me identical numbers for DL speed and too different bandwidths for Uploads:

Win 7: UL ~ 800 kbps
Win XP: UL ~ 300 kbps

speedtest.net and ozspeedtest.com:
Almost identical results for DL and UL on both PCs

What could slow down UL speed on Win XP for myspeed.visualware.com:? I tried disabling firewall and antivirus, but is still the same.

Please, advise.

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Firstly check your machine for viruses & then check antivirus settings don't use firewall of antivirus.Use only windows firewall. Remove that antivirus firewall from your computer.This issue is also occurring due to either your ADSL router having problem or problem from your ISP.Contact your ISP.

Tushar Kaskhedikar
andy7789Author Commented:
Please read my post:

1) I have disabled firewall

2) How could it be a problem with ISP or router settings, if the 2nd PC shows 3 times higher UL?

3) Both PCs show identical UL speeds with different speed testers
may be you aware about this: xp's reserve bandwidth.

another thing: how your ADSL is connected with system , through usb or NIC ?

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Check the actual cable because it could be easily the cable at fault.
Is the Windows XP a clean installation?
Try the evaluation of Network Traffic Monitor 2.01 to try see if any of the processes is causing problems.
andy7789Author Commented:
xtreminator, thank you!

It is getting MUCH better after I changed xp's bandwidth settings. Is there something else I could tweak?
to andy7789:
as i know  there no other tweak for xp that optimizing INTERNET speed.
except one.
increasing TCP/IP connection limit, my advice is not to apply this one,while system used as a reliable service provider.
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