DNS Server Service Stop/Hung State, Consuming lot of memory.

We are facing this problem on all of our DC's
The DNS server was unable to service a client request due a shortage of available memory.  Close any applications not in use or reboot the computer to free memory.
Event ID : 7502. The DNS.EXE is the latest updated version 5.2.3790.4460 . OS : Windows Server 2003 Standard SP2. All patches updated regularly. Please help. Also let us know if there is any updated patch is available or not or this is a know issue ?
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Neo_78Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
We have applied the hotfix provided by Microsoft which has updated DNS.exe version
you tried to delete the dns service from a domain controller and then reinstall it to see if it is corrupted some files.
check if event viewer, there are many event id 5501 like this:
Event 5501
Source: DNS
Type: Warning
DNS Server encountered bad packet from IP Address. Packet processing leads
beyond packet length.

A large number of false queries from clients can cause this problem.
Another reason may be this update:


Try removing it and then restart your server.

Based on a forum post over on TechNet that seems to be the exact same issue you are describing, 941672 has already been patched over and now the solution was to set registery key
EnableDuplicateQuerySuppression DWORD 0

Full text of how to check for memory leak and link to posting.


"When this issue occurs, you can analyze the DNSCMD /STATISTICS outputs to see whether it's caused by memory leak. You can follow the steps below:

1. Click Start and run "cmd", click OK.
2. In the command line, type "DNSCMD /STATISTICS" and Enter.
3. Go to the Memory Statistics's Tagged Allocations Section.
4. Note the UDP and TCP packet allocations.

Tagged Allocations:
UDP Packet
Alloc = 79177
Free = 31782
InUse = 47395
Mem = 128535240

TCP Packet
Alloc = 1610626
Free = 1586940
InUse = 23686
Mem = 420758104

The UDP and TCP Packet “InUse” values should be no more than a few hundred – anything higher indicates a leak.

Set EnableDuplicateQuerySuppression to zero that memory usage by DNS will level off and does not grow."
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