Change carrier after BES activation

If i activate my blackberry on this BES

over say t-mobile in the UK, but then switch to a different operator, say Vodafone, but use the same Blackberry phone that i activated, will BES pushing still work ?

and also if i go abroad for a few months and use a local sim there, will BES push work there if i dont pay any extra BES activations abroad, but simply put the local sim in to the phone that i once activated with t-mobile?


thanks for your help.
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B HCommented:
the local sim chip won't work on the network overseas from your home carrier

the push/pull would work if you reactivate the overseas sim to your server (reset activation on the bes server, type the new password on the phone in enterprise activation)

if you switch to a new carrier all together, you'll still need to reset the account in bes, and reactivate thru enterprise activation... but you must make sure the new carrier provisions the phone for BES and not BIS (bb internet services).  they always say they did, but they dont, and enterprise activation will fail.  i usually have to call them 5-6 times asking for BES provisioning, before i get someone who understands the difference
You don't actually need to re-activate if you change carriers, as the key element are the service books, which will be present on your device anyway.

You CAN use a local sim as long as it has a blackberry enterprise-enabled dataplan. As long as your device can connect to the blackberry infrastructure, has the right service books (i.e. that of your BES), and your BES is connected to the blackberry infrastructure, then you can still receive your email fine.

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KristjanLaaneAuthor Commented:
could you confirm/clarify the following for me as im new to BES:

1) once i have activated my device, the service books will be sorted forever for my device as long as i keep using the same BES server provider ( for me  ) i.e. from the service books point of view, the connection to BES is completely carrier-independent

2) now there is another requirement in that the specific carrier needs to have smth set up for BES traffic to get through as well ? i.e. for that reason i need to get "an enterprise-enabled dataplan" for the local sim card? which in practical terms means I HAVE TO pay extra for the local sim card provider for this extra BES thing the carrier needs to set up so that the BES traffic could reach the BES server from my phone? so it is definitely not sufficient to use any local sim card that just comes with an ordinary data plan for browsing etc ?

thank you for your expertise!!
1) Yes.
2) Tes, you need to have the blackberry enterprise dataplan, otherwise your device can't access the blackberry infrastructure and wpont receive email.
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