C++->c# STL containers

I am a diehard C++ ... OK I know...!  I am trying to migrate an application to C# and I have 2 issues: mapping STL and _variant_t
I have a core container that holds all data in a generic form:
map of type id to map of key to data reference
std::map<long, std::map< Key, Base*> >
A key is a class containing a vector of _variant_t and key information: type info and operators to access the key data, an operator < so it works with a map.
Base is the ABC for all data and contains a map of field name to _variant_t (case insensitive)
Can I map this to an equivalent in C# or can I keep it in C++ and use it in a C# project?
This type of thing must be very common, but I don't see anything as nice as STL in C# - I must be wrong - please help!

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greatsubashConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Do you convert c++ application in c# or C++ equivalent in C#?
if you search C++ equivalent in C# then try following think,


10PintsAuthor Commented:
Thanks Greatsubash, am looking now, I know the map will convert to a dictionalry but  I suppose the question then is: can we nest templates in C# -- can I create a map of a map of items .... for starters
10PintsAuthor Commented:
mmm ... I've benn thinkin ... dangerous I know but I  reckon ... I am going about this wrong, what I should do is re design the whole thing in a web fashion.
What I need to get a handle on is the deciding on and learning the ropes of, a suitable architecture.
Ideally MS based I suppose since I have access to VS 2008/2010

first I need to resolve what architecture this app shuld be re-written in - things have moved on so much, too many options!! I would be extremely grateful for any practical advice on deciding what architecture to go fo first
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