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I have a range of 3 com equipment on our network. There are two swithes in which I cannot find IP addresses.

I have run various network scanning tools which have reported all other SNMP devices. However there are two that are not reporting, yet they are in use.  

Switches are
3com baseline superstack 48 port switch
3com baseline superstack 24 port switch

I think they may have default IP's that are not on our network as I have checked every IP on our network.

Any ideas on how to locate?
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If the switches are in use and if you have active PCs plugged into them, they would have to have an IP on your subnet to allow routing to function.  Have you tried any traceroute utilities?  I know the switches are not routers and may not show on a traceroute utiltity, but some utilities may show every hop through every device, depending on the program you find.  

Get a DB9 Null Modem Serial cable and use PuTTY or HyperTerminal to console into it. From there it is menu driven. You will be able to find it.

If they are in a managemnt stack it is possible that they may not have IP addresses. They could be managed in through the stack.
Found them eventually. They where located in another building on site

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