Cross reference Variable in Excel VBA


I've written number of routines in Excel VBA and some are now quite large.  

Is there a utility that I can use to cross reference the variables in my code, so that I can see on which line[s] each variable is used?
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Saqib Husain, SyedEngineerCommented:
What you can do is copy the code to an Excel sheet and either write a formula to identify the lines containing the variables or use data filter to isolate them.

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Many times for VBA and LISP programming, I will copy my code out to Notepad++ (available here It has language syntax highlighting, and--here is what you may be looking for--you can double-click any text and Notepad++ auto-highlights that text wherever else it appears in that code. It is also great for matching open/close parentheses, brackets, and braces.
johndlAuthor Commented:
Thanks to both contributions.  I had hoped I'd get a ready made solution, but it seems not so far!

I may have to use soemthing like ssaqibh suggests, but I had hoped to avoid having to write a load of code to do the sorting.  lee555J5's suggestion also looks rather laborious when there's a lot of source code to analyse, but the Notepad++ popgram he highlights looks very useful for many other tasks.

I'll do a Micawber, for a while, in the hope of something turning up.

johndlAuthor Commented:
Neither solution really solved the problem.  I ended up writing a cross-reference macro myself to do that.  The solutions offered did give some help though.
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