Crystal Report XI Dynamic Parameter not Populating

I have two COMMAND queries in my report. The first query retrieves all the data for the report and has three parameters in the 'where clause'. The second query is for one of the parameter values to be populated dynamicly.

Now here is the problem. Two of the parameters in first query are date parameters so they don't have quotes around them (ie. column = {?P_START_DATE}). So when I'm prompted for the parameters when running the report the parameter that is to be populated by the second query is not being populated. Though I can type a value in for the second parameter and the report will run correctly.

But if I turn my date parameters in the first query to string values and put quotes around them (ie. column = to_date('{?P_START_DATE}', 'DD-MON-YYYY')), when running the report and prompted for parameter values the parameter populated by the second query populates correctly and gives me my Drop-Down.

So my assumption is that because of the unquoted parameter value in the first query it is causing a problem with the second query from running appropriately to populate its paramter value when prompted. Is there a work around for this issue or a method that i'm not incorporating for this to work appropriately. Because I would like to keep the parameters as dates for the pop-up calendar feature.

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I don't know why that would be an issue.  Does the second query rely on the date parameters?

alayannaAuthor Commented:
No. The date parameters in the first query have no relation to the second query being run.
You can change the order of the prompts.
In design mode
Right click PARAMETERS in the field explorer
Make the dynamic one first



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