Multicast Routing "PIM" cant escape local vlan


I have a multicast problem and as I understand it I have multicast setup correctly.  Basically I have a multicast server, a VLC server udp multicasting a mp3 file, but the traffic can’t escape the local vlan even though ip pim sparse mode is setup.  The rendezvous point is on the vlan that one of the receivers is on.

I’m lost as to why the traffic can’t escape its own vlan.  Attached is a picture of the layout.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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luc_roySystem AdminCommented:
there are some known issues with Multicast on some switches..  What does the whole network look like?

If the hardware is good you might want to consider using a  multicast group.

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Eric-arupAuthor Commented:
Found the issue, turns out there was a TTL inside of the VLC application that was set to 1.  Thanks anyway Luc_Roy.

Eric-arupAuthor Commented:
Points for trying.  :)
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