Musical notation in big musical notes

I need to make some lectures (classes), about music, and I need to show some simple scores (just melody scores, 5 lines staves) in PowerPoint. So, I need a notation program to make it, showing big musical notes to be easily seen by the audience. Does anyone know such a program?
Thanks a lot.
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There are plenty programs that will print musical notation, I use Sibelius as it does everything I could ever ask of it, but it's not cheap. There's a freeware program one of the guys in my son's band uses called Forte:

..but I've never used it and can't comment - free might be worth a try.. Also, most DAW (digital audio workstation) software can print musical notation - you can either connect a MIDI keyboard and play the notes directly onto a track, or you can "draw" notes and edit them..

Good Luck with your project!!

multisitesAuthor Commented:
Hi, vertsyeux, thanks for helping me. Yes, there's a lot of them, I myself have one very good, called Mozart, from, but my problem is that I need one, simple, no state-of-art, but that can display a simple 5 lines stave with big notes, so that I can make an image of it and show it in a PPT presentation. I don't need to play the song nor other special features, just want the image of the score to use in PPT. thanks.
Ahhh, ok. If you have notation software already, why not do a screen capture from that displaying the stave & notes you need and crop the resulting BMP file to show only the parts required. You can then easily import the image into Powerpoint
multisitesAuthor Commented:
I have done it, but the maximum size of the notes showed in the score is still too small to use in an image and in PowerPoint. If I increase de size of the image with Photoshop, for instance, there is distortion on image. Sometime I saw a musical score in screen with bigger notes, I think it was to teach music to children, but I forgot the software name.
Two more possibilities..

1. Export/print your musical score from your existing software in a vector format, eg. postscript or Windows metafile.. Those should be infinitely scalable, but both support embedded bitmaps which would defeat the object of the exercise.

2. Use a program like CorelDraw, Inkscape or Illustrator to create your stave then add the objects - clef, notes, bars, rests etc. manually. I'm sure you can download vector clip-art of musical objects from the web, and those would *definitely* be scalable to whatever size you like..

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