Printer Deployment with GP Preferences

I'm looking for a recommendation on how to do printer deployment with GP Preferences. I'm thinking of a couple of different options and just don't know what is the best.

First Option
Do I deploy the printers using "Update" and then when a printer is no longer needed, change the policy to "Delete." Seems easy and would work without any issues at all.

Second Option
Do I deploy the printers using "Replace" and then in options check the box that says "Remove this item when no longer applied"

I'm leaning towards the first option because using "Replace" will automatically always delete the existing printer and create it at every log in. But at the same time, it would be easier to maintain especially if I moved a user to a new OU and they didn't need that printer.

Any suggestions
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firemanf29Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Well I have used both and neither work as desired.  
Option 1 issue:
For instance say you have 10 users in an OU you have the policy applied to and they all get the printer.  Then one of the needs to move to another area and use another printer.  Now you have to create another temporary OU with the delete policy and move the computer into it. You will have to reboot the computer at least twice or run gpupdate as an admin on it to get the policy to apply.  Once it has applied and the printer is gone then you can move it to another.  As you can see it's time consuming.  And it you forget and just move the computer to another ou you will end up with both printers.

Option 2 issue:
Replace works as long as you move the computer to another Ou that has a printer published.  Otherwise the last printer installed is still there.  Printer removal when the policy does not apply does not always work.

All of the above issues were experienced on Windows XP SP3 in a AD 2003 domain.   Vista or 7 may work much better.  

ChiBotAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the response. I see both of your points and realize there really isn't a best way. I'm probably going to go with Option 1 just because we are a small place and people don't move around quite a bit. Either way, it is a lot better than previously deploying printers. Thanks again.
You can also look at using a script and global printers.  I can deploy any printer to any workstation from my workstation in about 2 minutes.
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