Get Window Handle, Working With API

I'm new to working with an API, and I need to send it a handle to my calling application main window.

In my VB project, I'm trying to make a link to a C++ API via my Form, Form4. At current, I've placed a call to the function to make a link to the API in the Button.Click() sub for each button I click on that does something. I'm currently passing it a handle like this each time:


What I'd like to do is establish the connection once by clicking on a certain button, and have the connection still work each time I click any other button on my form. At current, I've only been able to make it work by re-establishing the connection in each Button.Click() sub for each button I want to click on that will do different things with the API. I'm wondering how I would go about doing this once. Am I not passing the right handle to my form?
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private static extern IntPtr SetParent(IntPtr child, IntPtr parent);
diablo089Author Commented:
Hmm... is this the right thing to do if I just work from a single form? I don't bring up any other forms when I click the buttons to perform actions.
diablo089Author Commented:
What I'm doing is connecting to a database via an external API. If I establish the connection in the Button.Click() sub of each button on my form, it works fine. If I only put the API call to establish the connection in one sub, when I go to click any other button on my form, the connection is apparently dead, because my API calls don't work.

I just started using API calls recently, so I might not have the right methodology about this, or I might be doing something wrong.
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Show us the code you are using.
diablo089Author Commented:
Prototypes of functions:

Declare Function API_Init Lib "API2.dll" (ByVal Handle As Integer, ByVal Path As String) As Integer
Declare Function API_Open Lib "API2.dll" (ByVal Path As String) As Integer

I use it in a Button.Click() sub like this:

Dim rInit As Integer
Dim rOpen As Integer
rInit = API_Init(Me.Handle, vbNullString)
rOpen = API_Open(Path)

So, if I put this code in each of my subs for my various buttons, it works just fine. What I'd like to know is if I can put this in a single sub, establishing the connection, and have the API connection still connected for any other button click.

At current, if I put it in a single sub, my connection is dead in any other sub that I don't put the connection code in. First I thought it might be some kind of scope issue, but I dunno.
diablo089Author Commented:
Any ideas?
Dont know what this API is so I think you need to reinitialize the API as this may be the limitation of the API.

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