DNS rndc reload/ BIND

I have updated my named.ca file just recently but have not been able execute the

rndc reload    command.   I receive the following error.   Can anyone help me with how to deal with this?

rndc: connect failed: host unreachable
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ajay_mhasalConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Pl. recheck your configuration as per topic no. 3.3 of this URL http://www.tuxweb.net/howto/dns/bsd/bind-89-bsd4x.html , if it is ok then try stopping your firewall and post all the bind related messages from your "/var/log/messages" file and the output of "route -n" command.
marchopkinsAuthor Commented:
All set, i just needed to stop the firewall, execute the command, (it reloaded successfully), then restart IPTABLES again.

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