View filter in mailbox manager policy?

    I have 2 mailbox manager policies applied to different sets of users.  It's been a long time since I've checked them so I'd like to see which users the policies are applied to but when you look at the filter it certainly isn't clear (see below).  
 Is there any way to see who it's applied to?  Would I be better off just deleting the policy, creating a new one and apply it to the desired users?

I'd appreciate any quick answers on this as I want to adjust the filters before the weekend (when they're scheduled to run).  This is on Exchange 2003, SP2.  

Thanks for any help on this.

Loretta HarrisAsked:
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Hello, Lhadmin,

I would advise running a report and forcing the mailbox manager policy to run thus generating and emailing you the report:

Exchange System Manager - Administrative Groups - Your Administrative Group - Servers - Right click the relevant server and go to properties now click on the mailbox management tab:

You can do a summary report or a detailed report and then choose who to send to under administrator i.e. you allow the policies to run or force them by changing the mailbox management policies in the same location and it will email you a full report once complete you can then find out who this applies to..Hope this helps

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Or could go one better it is an LDAP query you could import it into Active Directory as a custom LDAP query then run in it to see who it applies to

Its a wildcard i.e. all users and groups i just imported it into AD thus it says objectSid=* on both users and groups thus a wildcard

For your reference if you launch Active Directory Users and computers expand you will see Saved Queries click on it and then click Action - New - Query Give it a name and description whatever you like then click on define query under FIND select custom search then click on the Advanced Tab under Enter LDAP query import the above query i.e.:


Press OK twice and you will see the query and who it applies to you can then right click the query and export as you normally would hope this answers you question
Loretta HarrisAuthor Commented:
This solution worked best.  I tried the LDAP query but that didn't list who it applied to.  Instead it seemed to list all users & groups (I know the policy doesn't apply to all users & group).  

Thank you for the report option!  I completely forgot about that.
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