sometime XP freezes on bootup

i have a macbook pro. with bootbamp. snow and xp. i used my xp at work and is part of a domain. every now and then, during boot, when the xp logo is show and the progress bar is moving at the bottom, well, it hangs, after about 3 revolutions of that progress bar.

my workaround is to reboot to mac, then restart and it works. this is becoming a pain. i also have windows as the default boot OS since i use it mainly for work.

anyone know how to fix ?

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re-arranging boot files and DE-fragmentation of hard disk could solve this issue.
start system in xp with administrative privilege. i assume that you have installed windows xp in C drive.
start > run > cmd > press ok > type following command without quotes "defrag c: /b".
exit from command prompt.
open my computer > right click on C drive > properties > tools tab > click on "defragment now" > select C drive and click on Defragment .
this can take an hour less /more depends on your partition size.
after finishing that shutdown your system and start it again.
tewlawAuthor Commented:

what does the /b switch do ?
I have exactly this issue due to what appears to be a video/power issue in my case, with a Quadro FX 5600 and a nominally underpowered PSU.

Since it works when you retry it's going to be difficult to be certain of any diagnosis until the problem becomes more frequent. However, here are a couple of steps you could take to analyse it.

0) Make sure you have the latest drivers (specifically video).

1) Does it only fail after the system has been off for a while? (warm-up issue)
2) Does it fail only when the system is on battery? (power issue)
3) Does it ever fail during a reboot when in use? (not warmup issue)

If you are under warranty and have the time, I would try to provoke it in order to get it resolved under warranty. If you have the time, a reinstallation of XP might be worth the effort to ensure that it's a hardware issue (which is likely).

I would also run the Ubuntu LiveCD and perform a memory test in order to eliminate the simple issues.

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to tewlaw:
what does the /b switch do ?
this switch re-arrange the boot files only where windows installed.
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