Insert Into SQL Server from another SQL Server using VB 2008

Is it possible to use Visual Basic to copy data from a sql server to a remote sql server?

If so what is the easiest way to do it?
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Raja Jegan RSQL Server DBA & Architect, EE Solution GuideCommented:
Try the steps below:

1. Establish two connection strings and connect to both servers
2. Fetch records from one Server
2a. If records are huge, dump records into a flat file and then insert from that temp file to another server.
3. Insert into another server.
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mustang61Author Commented:
I created the 2 connections - i am a vb beginner - is the code easy to write to insert the table from one to another on different servers?
Code is easy but its just the performance side which you need to consider.

Open connection to server1
open connection to server2
use a command and datareader to read server 1

While DataReader.Read
     command2.commandtext = "Insert into ..."
End While
mustang61Author Commented:
these tables are not large and once the initial copy is done it will be only addons based upon on yes/no checlbox
Then the manual row by row copy should be fine
mustang61Author Commented:
the example is written in 'C' - not good at converting
Which example?

dim dbcon1 as new sqlconnection(connectionstring)
dim dbcmd1 as new sqlcommand
dbcmd1.connection = dbcon1
dbcmd1.commandtext = "Select ..."
dim dbreader as sqldatareader = dbcmd1.executereader

dim dbcon2 as new sqlconnection(targetconnectionstring)
dim dbcmd2 as new sqlcommand
dbcmd2.connection = dbcon2
   dbcmd2.commandtext = "Insert Into ... Values" & dbreader.item(0) ...
End While

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mustang61Author Commented:
Worked to perfection - THANKS!
Glad to help :-)
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