Cannot remove Exchange 2003 - more users currently use mailbox store

I am trying to retire the old Exchange 2003 server now that we have migrated over to 2007.  When I try to remove Exchange 2003, it reports that one or more users currently use a mailbox store on this server.  

There are 4 mailboxes listed on that server
SMTP (servername)
System Attendant
William Hare (an old user account that does not exist anymore)

It will not allow me to move or delete the last two mailboxes listed.  I have tried Cleanup Agent, Offline Defrag and Repair, but they still remain.  

How can I complete the removal of Exchange from this server?
Thank you.
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CanaanAssociatesConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
The Exchange server that we are retiring is a DC and it does have AD issues and no longer replicates with the other DC due to fact that it as exceeded the tombstone lifetime.  That is why are attempting to remove Exchange, AD, and retire the server for good.
1. Make sure William Hare's account is deleted from Active Directory.  If you have to delete it wait about 15 minutes before going to step 2.
2. On the Exchange 2003 Server drill down to the Storage Group the mailbox is in.
3. Right click Mailboxes and Click Run Cleanup Agent.  Wait for about 5 minutes then refresh the screen.
4. Right Click the Exchange Server and Click Start Mailbox Management Process. wait about 5 - 10 minutes.
5. Try Right clicking the mailbox again and choose Purge.  If purge is greyed out wait another 10 minutes and look again.  If it's still greyed out after 30 minutes or so then you have a currupt directory object.  Let us know if that's the case.

That should clear it out.
CanaanAssociatesAuthor Commented:
Made it to Step 4, but get event 9209 when Mailbox manement process is started

Microsoft Exchange Server Mailbox Manager was interrupted before processing was complete - error no = There is no such object on the server..%2

Purge options is still greyed out for that mailbox.
firemanf29Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Do you have a domain controller that's been offline?  It sounds like you have some lingering AD objects.


When you can reboot the Exchange 2003 Server.  When Exchange IS starts up it may be able to remove teh object.
If that doesn't help let me know.
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