iPhone missing contacts when connection to server is broken, or server goes down.

We have a user that claims when the mail server goes down (which is has recently due to space issues), he loses all of his contacts on his phone.  When that connection is restored he gets his all of his contacts back.  Has anyone heard of or seen this?  If so is there a way to correct the problem?
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Sync your contacts to the iPhone. Cable sync your iPhone to your PC & Outlook.

If you cannot install iTunes on the office PC (which you probably shouldn't) in order to cable synch, then just export your contacts from Outlook using the FILE\import & export menu item and email them home.

Export your contacts from the office PC as a CSV file (comma seperated value). Import this file into Outlook on your home PC where iTunes is installed. COPY DOWN all of your office Exchange account settings and then delete the account from your phone.

Now synch your local Outlook contacts via iTunes. Now you permanetly have your contacts stored on the iPhone. Add the office exchange settings back in and you're ready to roll!

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level9techAuthor Commented:
So, is this a known problem?
Is there anyway to correct this issue on the server?

Personally, I would suggest cable syncing at least once to hard copy the contacts over.

Does everyone else state that they keep their contacts when the server goes down?
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level9techAuthor Commented:
Normally we get the server back up real quick. So, I don't think other users have the time to experience the problem. However, I did receive this complaint one other time from a different user.

So, this seems to be a known issue?

Does this happen on windows mobile phones?
I think that when a server goes down, the contacts would disappear from any phone if they are not hard syncd. Mail doesnt send or receive. But you can see the old messages because they are now cached. And because the Contacts dont stay cached, I think they disappear. Now I could be wrong about this, but I think this may happen because of the nature of exchange/Iphone communication.
So, is this a known problem?
The problem is known.

Possible solutions;
Solution 1: Import contacts directly from SIM card to  iphone.(It will not work by 100+ contacts)
Solution 2: Install iTunes on the pc en sync contacts with a cable to iphone.
Solution 3: Create account by yahoo or by gmail with all contacts as a backup and configure this in iphone.

I hope these will be the solution..
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