PHP website with localization and internationalization and flat file database

We will be launching a  new website, initial launch will have three different countries available with about 90% of the content duplicated across all three so really looking at localization to load custom locale information sometimes.  Will only be in english at launch but will be expanding to spanish in the near future.  The project will have to be done outside the normal large CMS systems such as wordpress, drumal, joopla etc. so what i am really looking at is script for a php flat file database website with some localization or internationalization capabilities.  Will reward points to whoever can lead me in the right direction.
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One of the standard ways to handle internationalization (i18n) in PHP has been with gettext:

Some more informative tutorials I could quickly find on Google, although I'm sure there are a lot more:

There's also this which might be useful:

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