What is the different between deterministic multiplexing and statistical multiplexing ?

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Two alternative approaches to bandwidth allocation exist: deterministic multiplexing and statistical multiplexing.

Deterministic multiplexing allows each connection to reserve its peak bandwidth when the connection is established. As a result, deterministic multiplexing causes large amounts of bandwidth to be wasted for bursty connections, particularly those with large peak transmission rate to average transmission rate ratios. Also, deterministic multiplexing goes against the principles of networking technologies such as Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM), since deterministic multiplexing restricts the utilization of network resources.

Statistical multiplexing allocates an amount of bandwidth to a connection that is less than the peak rate, but greater than the average or minimum rate for that connection. With statistical multiplexing, the sum of the peak rates of connections multiplexed onto a link can be greater than the total link bandwidth. The bandwidth efficiency due to statistical multiplexing increases as the proportion of total bandwidth allocated to each connection approaches the average bit rate and decreases as it approaches the peak bit rate for each connection. In general, especially when network traffic is bursty in nature, statistical multiplexing allows more connections to be multiplexed onto a network link than deterministic multiplexing, thereby allowing better utilization of network resources.

Source: http://www.patentstorm.us/patents/5455826/description.html

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