Cannot add Analysis DB to "Analysis Services Processing task " in SSIS 2008

I am currently attempting to add an Analysis Services Processing Task to my SSIS Designer to be able to process the cube.  In my current Analysis Services I have 3 databases  (ApShell , ApShell_NLB and AGC_Prod).  I want to go ahead and create the processing task in SSIS for the cubes inside my AGC_Prod database.   When I go inside the “Analysis Services Processing Task Editor” and go to “Add Analysis Services Object” I can only see the ApShell object.  I do not see AGC_Prod which is the one I want to select to process the cube.  The ApShell_NLB does not show up either.  Although I do not need that one.  I have compared the setting on the Analysis Services DB’s and do not see a difference.  Any help with being able to see my Analysis DB (AGC_Prod)  in the “Add Analysis Services Object”?

OS: MS Windows Server 2003 Ent. 64-bit  SP2
SQL: SQL Server 2008 Ent. 2008

Thank you.
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Megan BrooksSQL Server ConsultantCommented:
Are you only interested in processing the AGC_Prod database? If so, change the connection manager to point to it instead of ApShell, or if there is already a connection manager pointing to AGC_Prod then just select it in the AS Processing Task drop-down at the top of the Processing Settings pane.
The AS Processing Task lets you select a database connection and one or more objects contained within that database. You can't use the "Add" button to see additional databases. You will only see objects associated with the selected connection.

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agcsupportAuthor Commented:
Thank you.  That worked.
I went to the Connection Manager and set up the Initial Catalog to be AGC_Prod then I was able to select the proper cube for processing.

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