Free call logging and detail reporting in Asterisk/Trixbox.

I need to be able to log a few different things within our Asterisk 1.4 phone system.  I need to know what number an incoming call is from, which DID it is going to (not the final ring roup as the built-in CDR module does, but the actual  DID number that people are calling), how long the call rang before someone picks it up, whether the call was answered or not, and the call duration if answered.  

Does anyone know of a free or open source solution that will allow me to do the above?
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grbladesConnect With a Mentor Commented: covers setting up the postgres database. is a similar guide if you would prefer to use mysql. lists the various CDR variable.

So the following will set the userfield to the incoming DID. It will need to be set before the call is diverted to any other extension.

duration-billsec will be the total time for the call minus the time the call was connected for. This should be the time it was ringing for before it was answered.
The asterisk built in logging to postgres database will do that. To record the original did you will need to record it in the dialplan and write it to either the custom or accountcode field in the cdr. For ring duration you could calculate the difference between the total call length and the length of the audio conversation
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Is there a guide on how to do either of those?

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