Auto inset phases in project plan.

Does anyone know if there is a way to insert phases based on a set of questions? Depending on the specifics of a project, specific phases need to be chosen for the project plan. It doesn't matter whether I use ASP, InfoPath, or whatever to choose the phases, but just want to know if that inserting phases can be automated. Thanks.
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yes I believe it is possible although I'm not exactly sure what you are asking. All you would have to do it weight the answers to the question and then assign weight ranges to the phrases that you want to insert.
so if question 1 = 1 then insert phrase 3 etc.

For more technical details you will have to explain a little more exactly what it is you are trying to do though.

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MAVSSAuthor Commented:
Ah I see, so from what I understand, if a user goes to an InfoPath form on SP, or a custom ASPX page, or whatever the best front-end is for the user to enter their answers, and answers a series of questions, depending on whether I add weight to the answers or however I code it, a project plan can be auto-generated based on their answers. For example, if one of the questions was, "how many routers are needed for this project?", and if the answer is over 50, then a project plan is created with a networking phase inside the plan. From what I understand, this is possible?
Yes.  Not obviously your networking phase won't be very detailed but you could add that with conditional logic in your infopath or ASP form. The question is what format is the plan? Are you using project server or some other more simple application, document, etc.

MAVSSAuthor Commented:
Currently, it is a MOSS 2007 environment with a Project and Portfolio Server implementation. We are trying to figure out what is the best format to build this functionality. Any suggestions? Also, if you have any current documentation or any links/articles to point me in the right direction, I would really appreciate it. Thanks!
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