Problem with Macros in Excel 2007 File

Hi there...  We produce an enhanced Excel spreadsheet that we provide to numerous paying users.  We are having difficulty with users who have Windows XP and Excel 2007.  

The workbook freezes and crashes as soon as any workbook macro runs. We are trying to figure out why.  This workbook seems to work fine for some Excel 2007 users, and not for others, despite having the same version number and same operating system. We are trying to isolate the issue.  

Here are some of the things we have encountered:

Some of these users had an expired digital signature for us in the Trusted Publishers area.  We deleted the expired signature and after some closing/saving/reopening, the signature did update, but this did not solve the problems.

We were able to get one workbook stable enough to stay open for a minute by saving it as an .xlsm file instead of a .xls file. I noticed that the macros were disabled, so I went into her workbook and changed the macro security settings to Enable all macros, then saved and exited Excel.

When I went back into Excel, the macros were still disabled, and there was still a security warning - odd, because I had selected Enable all macros.

When I clicked on the security warning to enable the macros, it did not give me the option to enable the macros, but instead gave me this message:  

"This file contains encrypted macros that have been disabled because there is no antivirus software installed that can scan them. To run these macros, remove the encryption or permission restrictions on the file."

It then showed the file path and an automatically selected option to "Help protect me from unknown content (recommended).

That option was the only option, and the selected "Help protect me" option could not be deselected. Additionally, the computer WAS running anti-virus software, and it was updated.

I went back into the Macro Security settings - Enable all macros was still selected.  I selected it AGAIN, for good measure, then saved and exited Excel.  When I reopened the workbook - same thing.

I went into the Trust Center and looked at various settings.  The digital signature was correct and current - expiring in 2012.  I added her desktop as a trusted location, then went in to see if macros would enable - no effect.

I tried saving the workbook as a 2003 file, then did a save and close.  When it re-opened, EVERYTHING WORKED.  The macros ran, the software ran perfectly, every chart worked - everything ran.

So I went to save it - thinking - alright, this is the workbook that will work for her - but when I did I got an error message: "

You have modified a signed project. You do not have the
correct key to sign this project. The signature will be discarded.

I selected save anyway, and then exited Excel.  I reopened the file and this time it immediately froze and quit and will not work at all.

Please help.
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Davis McCarnOwnerCommented:
Open notepad, copy and paste the text below, Save As Off2K7-Excel-Disable-Encrypted-Macro-Scan.REG, then run it on the affected systems:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

Or you can use regedit and do it manually.

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