I need a paid nLite alternative

Points of my Scenario:
1. I extracted Windows XP with SP3 OS files from Microsoft download-file: "SW_CD_Windows_XP_Professional_32BIT_English_32_XPsp3_MLF_X14-73974.EXE".
2. I successfully created a bootable ISO from extracted files using nLite (http://www.nliteos.com/download.html).
3. I then successfully created a bootable physical Windows XP CD-R from the ISO file (mentioned in point #2) using Roxio DigitalMedia Plus v7.2.1.
4. I can't use third-party FREEWARE in my enterprise to assist in deployments/implementations.
QUESTION: What 3rd-party paid software has the capability to create a bootable operating system ISO or CD from OS files copied from CD/extract - just like nLite does?
waforbes100Senior IT SpecialistAsked:
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B HCommented:
http://www.almeza.com/  does the same thing, it's $99

but - you should go download the ISO from microsoft if you're not customizing anything

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John JenningsOwnerCommented:
Microsoft makes their own tool for this called for SysPrep.

You can use it to create customized installations, unattended installations, answer files, and much more.

Go check it out.



waforbes100Senior IT SpecialistAuthor Commented:
To JohnThePro: I agree that Sysprep is used to customize installations; however, I do not want to customize and installation. I only want to create a bootable ISO file or CD from the files copied from a Windows XP CD-ROM.
Does Sysprep specifically do that?
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B HCommented:
http://www.almeza.com/  does the same thing as nLite but isn't free, it's $99

that should fulfill the request you had, right?
waforbes100Senior IT SpecialistAuthor Commented:
To bryon44035v3: I am testing the Almeza product to see if it does. Here are my findings thus far:
1. There are no [intuitive] menu options which indicate that Almeza creates a bootable ISO file.
2. I am trying out the option to create a package by pointing to the SETUP.EXE file copied from the root Windows XP OS CD-ROM (all other XP OS files were copied as well).
3. The process is freezing my computer, making it imperative for me to restart.
4. I'm not discouraged yet: I will make a few more attempts.
IF YOU KNOW the menu option (or set of menu options & commands) that creates the bootable ISO file, please let me know so that I can quickly test and close this case.
John JenningsOwnerCommented:
Everytime I needed to create a bootable Windows installation CD using files that are stored on a hard drive..... I used this site.

All you need is any commercial burning software (Roxio or Nero does the trick) and the instructions on this page.


B HCommented:
just reading thru it, haven't tried it myself (yet), looks like:

Copy the contents of the Windows installation disk to the hard drive (for example, to the folder C:\AutoWin\)

Start Advanced Windows Unattended Installer and specify the path to the distribution package in the first field ("C:\AutoWin").

Leave the second field empty you will need it for the automatic installation of software/drivers/service packs right after the installation of the operating system.

 The Full name, Company, Computer name fields are specified automatically (of course, you can specify them manually), just enter your Product key and click the Create button.
John JenningsOwnerCommented:
Check out my post from above. :)
waforbes100Senior IT SpecialistAuthor Commented:
To bryon44035v3: Your solution covers all I need - NO FREEWARE.
To JohnThePro: Your solution may work, but I can't use FREEWARE (like the XP boot sector file) in my enterprise.

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