Random Calendar items appear at wrong time in Outloo

Hi Everyone, first request here, thanks in advance for any suggestions.

I have had a several users send recurring Meeting Reuqests to other users in the organization.  When a few of the users accept, the first few of the weekly meetings appear an hour later than the time is scheduled, though the text in the Meeting is accurate.  After a week or towo of being off, they resume the actual time in Outlook.  

So one user will send a meeting request to 6 people for 10 weeks at 10am.  6 users accept, and for the first week  or two, two of the users see the meeting at 11am, but the subsequent 8 or 9 meetings appear correctly.  

I've also noticed the message "Note: The GMT offset above does not reflect daylight saving time adjustments." appears on some but not all instances of the meeting.  

Any input would be greatly appreciated.  

The users are spread across 2 Exchange servers, one 2003, one 2010.  The afflicted users are travellers, and may hop time zones, and are on the 2003 server.  



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This is purely because of the DST issue in extended DST period. The meetings will show OFF for an hour. Not to worry as the extended DST ends on 5th April. After this the meetings will not show off by 1 hour. The patches are available at Microsoft websites.
TDurden22Author Commented:
Thanks very much for the info ashishkpandey.  I don't want to seem like I can't use a search engine, but would you send a link or two to the patches, or provide a reference for more info on Extended DST?

Either way, I'm glad to hear there won't be more of these after this weekend, but I'd like to be better prepared for next year.  
The windows patches aravailable as per following article :
December 2008 cumulative time zone update for Microsoft Windows operating systems

Once you have applied you need to run TZ move tool. The TZ move tool is available at following location:


How to address time zone changes by using the Time Zone Data Update Tool for Microsoft Office Outlook


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