Why won't Windows XP INSTALL correctly??

Hi experts.

I am in deep trouble.
1---- I slipstreamed  Windows XP SP3 OS onto a SP2 OS.  I used a utility called NLITE to slipstream, create and burn a new CD.  I removed a lot of "unnecessary"  XP stuff from this installation. The process went well.  

When I installed the OS, it seems that during the building of my CD, I removed too many vital components from Win XP.  It install was too sparse with a lot of important stuff gone. No worries, right?  Just use a different, reliable CD and re-format & reinstall windows XP again, right?

NOT SO. As I reformatted and reinstall Win XP,  The next perfectly normal, regular, XP SP3 CD I used, popped up with "windows cannot find
nlite.inf----nhelper--- syssbk.dll---syssbck.inf."  All individually.  (maybe this CD came from NLITE also)-I am not sure--If it did, It would not be as lite as the trouble maker CD is.

2----Anyways,  skipped these 4 files and I continued with the install anyway with this perfectly fine CD.

Trouble is, now this perfectly good installation CD installed, AGAIN, an OS only with components missing, Services not enabled,etc, Just like the 1st disk I just spoke of.   Now, how could that happen?   I do not know why that happened and it makes me afraid to stick another CD in.

3----SO--I used "Active@KillDisk to wipe the HD.  

So my QUESTION IS:  What do I have to do to get WinXP installed properly on this computer?? This computer that is less than a year old.  What have I done this time, gentlemen?

BTW, the PC boots up into CD perfectly. What has been done, by that 1st disk I inserted?

Thank you all in advance,

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if you wiped the drive then you should be dealing with a clean slate. No worries- just boot up with a regular xp install disk and do the install
Does it randomly pop up with a file not found, when windows is installing it is cached into memory so sometimes a bad ram stick could cause files not to be written, also a defective cd-rom drive can do the same. If you wipe the drive completely (either writting zero's or deleting the partition) then its up to the other factors, problems could be defective hardware (cdrom drive, bad sectors on the hard drive, defective xp disk, bad ram module).  I would look at some of those factors by running a hard drive diagnositcs and memory test.  Also note the file paths of the files missing, put the disk in another system and verify the files are there.
Alan HendersonRetired marine engineerCommented:
Create a free dban CD and wipe the drive before attempting install:

It takes a few hours but it's worth the time.

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Donnie616Author Commented:
Wiping disk clean is why I am here. It already has been written to zeros once.   SOMETHING is not right even though the disk was wiped, maybe not as deeply as DBAN would do it.

"If you wipe the drive completely (either writing zero's or deleting the partition) then its up to the other factors,"  That statement by uescomp, has gotten my interest.  

I am booting UBCD as we speak, to do some testing.  And maybe a DBAN wipe afterwards.

Thyanks to tyou all.

Donnie616Author Commented:
BTW, I have deleted and repatitioned the partitions, then formatted as well.  Does that help you?
B HCommented:
can you delete the partitions, and recreate the partitions, in the beginning of setting up windows?  like after you boot to a real XP cd (to rule out a failed nlite attempt), you can delete partitions and create them right there in setup
It sounds like what happened is you had the original CD copied to your hard drive, then ran nlite. when that failed, you burnt the files that were in the copied folder to a new CD. The one thing about nlite is when you start modifying stuff in it, it makes the modifications in the source, so the missing files that it's talking about could be related to the actual CD. What you will probably have to do is get ahold of that WinXP SP2 CD that you started with, copy it back to the hard drive, slipstream the SP3 in, and burn that to CD.

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John JenningsOwnerCommented:
OR, if I might make a recommendation...

Just find that original XP SP2 CD, and install that....


Don't bother with slipstreaming unless you don't have to.
On any decent broadband connection, you can download the sp3 stand-alone in about 15 minutes.

Donnie616Author Commented:
thanks mnswhit.  You reminded me that that the disk I burned using Nlite failed verification.  I got distracted before i threw it away.  I completely forgot about that until your comment reminded me.   I have a terrible memory anyway, and thanks again.
Donnie616Author Commented:
I wanted to build a lighter version of XP without all the bloat.  The SP has nothing to do with it.  I finally succeeded with that and it worked like a charm with only a 435MB CD with no extra crap on it.   even added a few EXE's of my own to use after first boot.  Smooth sailing.  I am a fan of Nlite.  Always have been.  Just some confusion today.

Mnswhit's statement   >>it makes the modifications in the source,<< got my attention and I went from there.

Thanks to all and good nite.
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